• Peer-Reviewed Journals

    • "How Strategic Alliances Enable the Erosion of Democracy: A Study of Thailand, Ecuador, and Turkey (Under Review)

    • "Selective Blindness: Voting for Democratic Erosion in Turkey" (Under Review)


  • Conference Presentations

    • ​American Political Science Association 

      • "Selective Blindness: Voting for Democratic Erosion in Turkey" 2017

      • "Erosion of Democracy in Thailand, Ecuador, and Turkey: Institutions and Strategic Alliances" 2016

      • “Economic Development, Autocratization & Notions of Democracy in Ecuador & Turkey” 2015

    • Midwest Political Science Association 73rd Annual Meeting

      • “Selfish Democrats: Voter Attitudes towards Democracy in Turkey,” April 2015

    • Northeast Political Science Association 46th Annual Meeting

      • “Democratic Consolidation and Citizen Attitudes: Making Sense of Surveys,” November 2014

    • Central European University 4th Annual Doctoral Conference

      • “Islamic Governance, Secularism, and Democracy in Iran, Egypt, and Turkey,” March 2009


  • Working Papers

    • Voter Attitudes, Interests, and Redistribution, Luxembourg Income Study. 2013


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